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About Us

Dalton Consulting Services Pty Ltd is located in Traralgon in the heart of Gippsland. The business is a private provider of psychological and management consulting services to individuals and organizations. Dalton Consulting Services was established 11 years ago and has provided services to some of the country's largest organizations - particularly in heavy industry, mining and power generation sectors.

Our aim is to assist individuals and organizations in maximizing their productivity through assisting them to improve their individual or group performance. The key way we do this is to assist organizations to ensure that their employee's individual attributes match the task requirements.

This is the aim of psychological profiling for selection and development. We also provide human resources management consulting and individual counseling to change performance outcomes.

On an individual basis we provide feedback on individual's abilities and motivation to work and provide coaching and counseling to improve the application of these factors to both the individual's goals and those of the organizations to which they belong.

Our people are highly qualified psychologists and other business management practitioners with a talent for working with people from a vast range of backgrounds and organizational levels. As a service organization our aim is to ensure that our clients achieve and excel their objectives.

We understand that managers are busy people so our services are designed to be solution focused.

For further information please contact (03) 5174 0399 or send us an email.

63 on Argyle - Opposite Growmaster