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Assessment and Profiling

Dalton Consulting Services provides testing and profiling for personnel selection and development in:

  • Cognitive abilities - intelligence - highly valid for prediction of success in training programs and actual job performance.

  • Interests - persons found to exhibit the same pattern of interests and preferences as people who are successful in a job are more likely to find satisfaction in that occupation.

  • Aptitudes - measurement of special and general aptitudes needed in a job.

  • Personality - certain personality characteristics can contribute to both job performance and satisfaction.

  • Accident Risk Management Profile ® - assesses risk-taking behaviour of drivers/operators of plant and machinery.

Assessment and Profiling
We also provide assessment of Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator ) for individuals (and organizations) who desire to understand their own and team psychological functioning and personality.

Dalton Consulting Services is an accredited Saville & Holdsworth Limited test user and administrator and is authorized to use tests available through most other Australian distributors.

We work with you to ensure that assessment technologies match the needs of the job for personnel selection and the incumbent for development.

Organizational climate and culture surveys are also available - either standardized and/or specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Dalton Consulting Services provides comprehensive assessment services for legal, compensation, educational and mental health referrals.

For a confidential discussion about your assessment and profiling needs contact (03) 5174 0399 or send us an email.